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The HOODIE is practical and cool.  That’s why it’s not going to be ever outdated.  The HOODIE is both a practical garment and a fashion item.  It’s street fashion but loved by high fashion.  It’s an item that HYPE brands like Supreme and Vetements regularly feature.  The HOODIE was worn by workers and college students.  It was then sported by skateboarders, surfers, and was made cool as urban gear.  Now the HOODIE is a HYPE fashion item worn by music stars and celebrities.The HOODIE is an ancient garment, worn by Medieval monks, workers, and women who wore the hood with a headdress.  The hooded sweatshirt or HOODIE was first produced by Champion in the United States in the 1930s for workers in New York. Hip hop culture as well as high fashion made the hoodie HYPE in the 1970s.

Through events such as the Million Hoodie March protest in 2012, the HOODIE is truly a modern cultural phenomenon. High fashion likes to mix up the HOODIE with high brand items.

Brands like Supreme keep their HOODIES a sought after item by releasing only a limited number of gear on limited “drop” days.  This means they sell out quickly, which in turn fuels the HYPE making resale values triple or more.

The HOODIE today is a HYPE fashion item, with branded gear popular with celebrities and sub-cultures. Brands such as SUPREME have helped create a sub-culture group of HYPE BEASTS. HYPE BEASTS will spend a small fortune to own sought after brands with different designs and colors.

HYPE labels like SUPREME, OBEY, UNDERCOVER, SAINT PABLO, HBA, VETEMENTS, OFF-WHITE, BAPE, PALACE, THRASHER, and YEEZY are highly sought after. SUPREME’S limited drops create huge line-ups by HYPE BEASTS at their stores.

You don’t have to be a HYPE BEAST. You can set your own rules. You can dig your own HOODIE. It’s not just a fashionable item, it is and has always been, and always will be an easy practical gear. HYPE your own HOODIE!!!


Hype Hoodie Fashion
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Hype Hoodie Fashion
The history and culture of the hoodie as a cultural movement and hype fashion. Skateboarding and high fashion adoption of hoodies. Celebrity impact to the street wear fashion and their branded gear such as Kanye West's Saint Pablo and Yeezy brands. The cultural phenomena of hypebeasts and their devotion to brands such as Supreme, BAPE, Palace, Vetements, HBA, Off White, Thrasher, and Undercover. General hoodie fashion brands such as Champion and their history in the modern streetwear.
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Hype Hoodie